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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Thrift store find and the make over

I have been searching and searching for a play kitchen for my 2 little girls and finally I found this little hutch at a thrift store for $15.00 bucks! Yes it was a dirty mess when I found it but with a little bit of TLC it went from this dingy cream to................................

When I asked my 3 year old what color she wanted her kitchen she said "I want it pink and blue!" My first thought was, well I will see what I can do. I really wasn't sure how I was going to make it work, but in the end I think it came together nice. 

For the design on the doors and back splash I use a template from this site here

It holds all of my daughters play food so well.

For the stove I use an old CD and cut out a piece of felt into a spiral and glued it on top. We just had our stove replaced and I kept the nobs and stove pans because I just knew I would need them one day. ;) I took the old knobs and painted them to match. I only did one burner because I wanted there to be enough room to prepare the food. 

For the sink I used and old stove top pan ( don't know the official name for it) as the bowl, then took a J-Bend found here and used it as a faucet. I used sink handles similar to the these here. The handles I screwed into a block of wood and I was able to make them spin like a real sink! My daughter then asked me where the soap was to wash her hands. So I took an old soap dispenser, painted it, and glued it down.  

After looking at it for a few minutes I realized that I hated the stove pan for the sink, so I swapped it out for this cute bowl. 
Ya that looks much better!

Happy cooking! 

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  1. You are so amazing! The girls must love it!