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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Farm Quiet Book #2

This book I made for my 15 month old so it's a little more friendly to her age. 
Click on the picture for a larger view 

This is by far my favorite page. Match the head to the correct animal. When I told my husband about this idea originally he thought it would be a little morbid, but I think it turned out pretty cute. My little one loved it! 
When my daughter was opening the eggs she would say "Cheep Cheep" It was really cute. 

There is all kinds of fun things happening with this page. The duck swims back and forth, lots of peek-a-boo animals, raining cloud made with tread and beads, and a bunny in her rabbit hole.

For the veggie garden I decided to attach the veggies with ribbons to avoid losing them. Now the firefly is where it gets really fun. I took a LED lite from one you would find in a bouncy ball or one of those weird squishy toys and I placed it in the backside of the firefly. When you push it, it lights up red and blue! 

I made a pocket right out of the page for the puzzle pieces. These are 2 sided puzzles. I made it that way so there weren't so many pieces.

And that's it! I hope you like them! 


Barn Quiet Book #1

Well after 2 months I have finally finished these Quiet Books. 

Click on the picture for a larger view 
I made a finger puppets ....

Then a hen house and fruit tree. The door on the hen house I made with a wipe container lid. The tree didn't turn out quite like I wanted but it looks okay. You can have a orange, apple or lemon tree.

Must have a vegetable patch with basket.... 

This is my favorite page from this book. Caterpillar on the tree limb and butterfly in the cocoon.

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