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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cookie Quiet Book

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My inspiration for this book came from Imagine our life. I love cookies! So it was only natural that I make a cookie quiet book. In this book you will find 
-3 cookies 
-1 spatula 
-3 cookie cutters 
-1 sprinkle shaker
-1 frosting piper 
-6 colored frosting's for decorating  
-1 glass of milk
-1 cookie jar
All of the lose pieces are hand sewn and integrated inside the cookies, cookie dough, frosting, spatula, and oven are magnets for ease of play.   

These little cookie cutters took so long to make but I just love them! 

For the spatula I added a bamboo skewer and stuffing in the center for stability.

Bake your cookies in the oven.

Place cookies on the plate and it's time to decorate!  

After you decorate, put them in the cookie jar for later or,

Have them with a tall glass of milk! 

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