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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life at full speed.

So my goal is to keep up on my blog a little more. Maybe I will get more followers that way...Ha ha ha.

My life has been somewhat crazy and is about to get a little more so. Most of you know I have a 2yr old and a 6 month old, but I have now inherited my cute nephew Javier. I watch him on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday but that will all be changing this week and I will have him Monday-Friday. He is 20 months and a ball of energy!
Of course Javier and my daughter Raylyn love to play, however they love to fight as well. Let's just say they keep me on my toe's! 

As of tomorrow I will be a married single mom! My husband will be working and going to school for before the sun rises till after the sun sets! Poor guy. But I love his tenacity. I'm going to start getting up with him at 4:30am since that's the only time I will see him. It will be good to have a few hours to myself as well. 

So in between lunch, playtime, nap time, breaking up fights, mommy hold me's, snack time, and cleaning the house, I will at some point find time to keep up my blog, facebook page, uploading pictures, making hats and headbands and every once in a while making my own yarn. 

Crazy times but we are making memories! Wish me luck!
Thanks all! 

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